Letter to the Editor: Too Many Churches & Too Much Road Construction in Los Alamos

Los Alamos

In this past week, I have been wondering about the abundant amounts of money Los Alamos has. As a resident living here for a few years, I have been through numerous construction sites. In the Topper Review a few years ago, they did a parody song about how every day there was at least one construction sight.

I think that these so-called constructions on the road, are unnecessary. The County has been working on these roads for at least four or more years, yet still having to work on the same road plenty of times until the construction workers are satisfied. Some residents have to wake up with road construction daily, and they wanted an end to this. Likewise, as Mr. Pilat has mentioned in his letter, the cones and road signs may be a distraction to drivers as well.

In my opinion, Los Alamos, with its innumerable amounts of money, has been wasting the money on selfsame projects such as road construction and churches. This may be skeptical for some readers, but there are too many churches in this town. For every few minutes of driving, there is at least one church. It does not matter if we need churches or not, it matters that we have too many. Are there really that many people living in Los Alamos? It is like LA, but that’s not the LA we live in. Instead of bundling the money all on a project that has once been done already, there should be money for some other project.

I thought that Los Alamos was the number one ranking for the best small town in the country, but all we have for tourists are churches and road construction. Maybe people are thinking to make the County better by creating roads that have been recreated five times in a week. Another object of curiosity for me is the old Smith’s Marketplace. What are they going to do with it? Make another church?


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