Letter To The Editor: To The Pro-Life New Mexican

Los Alamos

To the Pro-Life New Mexican – it’s time to take action. It’s time to stop thinking that by just voting Republican we will stop the murder of innocent New Mexican babies.

Before you tune out because I called it “murder” tell me: what is the word for the unlawful premeditated killing of an innocent human life?

We have technology today which makes it impossible to deny that a fetus is a human. “Fetus” just means “offspring” anyway, and for a human woman that would be a child, and we all speak English, so let’s just call it what it is: murdering a human child.

“Ending a pregnancy” as Planned Parenthood calls it, can mean only one of two things: you’ve delivered the baby, or you’ve killed it. Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry in the U.S. “ends pregnancies” of over 3,000 women a day, not one of whom leave the clinic with a breathing infant. To the Pro-life New Mexican – don’t soften your words. These atrocities must be identified for what they are.

To the Pro-life New Mexican, I want you to know that abortion is already illegal in our state because of a 1969 statute, but the law is fallaciously labeled as “unenforceable” due to Roe v. Wade. Here’s the deal: Roe v. Wade is a Supreme Court precedent, and not a law, that was decided over 40 years ago on a confused statement of when life begins. Even if Roe v. Wade was a federal law, our state has decided that it doesn’t care about federal laws if we are morally compelled to disobey them (many of our jails don’t honor ICE detainees.

Other states have also rejected federal laws when it comes to recreational marijuana. If states can decide that they love immigrants and pot enough to disregard Federal law, can we not decide that we love pre-born babies enough to declare our state a sanctuary for them, too? Our 1969 statute is only as unenforceable as we allow it to be, and this is where have failed.

To the Pro-Life New Mexican, why are you standing by? Why aren’t you joining the groups confronting the Planned Parenthoods and the Southwestern Women’s Options and the “Centers for reproductive health”? Why aren’t you going to your city council members and demanding justice for the pre-born? How long will you pretend that you can do nothing except vote? And how long will you think that voting will work?

We have been voting pro-life for decades, and we’re still losing. We just lost New York, big time. It’s time now to do more than vote. It’s time to speak out, to stand up, and to demand justice for the little New Mexican children who cannot demand it for themselves. Our neighboring states of Arizona and Texas are taking big steps to end abortion once and for all in their states, by trying to pass legislation that abolishes it outright. We can, too.

To the pro-life New Mexican – Passing incremental pro-life legislation is simply not working, and it’s certainly been given the time to do so. We recently (and happily) defeated HB 51, the radical pro-abortion bill. But where is the bill that radically supports the right to life? Even if we were to pass a law that requires an ultrasound or sets a certain-week limit on abortion, can we take a step back and realize that we have just passed a law that says that it’s okay to kill your baby as long as you look at it first? Or that it’s okay to kill your baby as long as it’s before a certain time? Justice demands that we legislate the abolition of abortion. We don’t tolerate murder under any other circumstance.  

To the pro-life New Mexican – We need to end abortion now.

A word to the pro-choice because of…

Because of viability: toddlers are not viable, can we kill them? The mentally disabled and the elderly can easily be determined to be inviable, is it okay to murder them, too?

Because of cases of rape: if you think that rape is wrong because rape is taking forceful physical advantage of a human being without their consent, then you and I agree. We ought not to take advantage of someone’s body without their consent – this is fundamental to why abortion is wrong. Furthermore, allowing abortions in the case of rape is tantamount to executing the child for a crime its father committed. Everywhere else, this is inconceivable.

Because they think this is an issue of women’s rights: of the 3,000 babies murdered every day by the abortion industry, do you know how many of them are little girls? Can you imagine how many of those precious little girls might have grown up to do something big for women’s rights some day? Don’t make the mistake of placing one woman’s right to choose over another woman’s right to live.

And to those who disagree because they still maintain against all current and scientific consensus that it’s not a child – look at a fetus. If you won’t call it a person, you are the same as those people who looked at Jews and wouldn’t call them persons, and who looked at black people and wouldn’t call them persons. The only difference is that instead of saying “it’s not a person, it’s a Jew” or “it’s not a person, it’s black”, you are saying “it’s not a person, it’s small”. Do you really want to be a part of that group?

To the Pro-choice New Mexican, remember the baby first – and end abortion now.

To the neutral – there is no neutrality on the violation of the right to life in your own neighborhood. You either stand up, demand justice, and condemn the daily murder of our little boys and girls, or you concede and support it. There were no innocent bystanders to slavery in the South before the civil war. There were no innocent bystanders to the persecution of the Jews in Germany’s villages in the 1940s. There were people who recognized these atrocities and did something to stop them, and there were those who covered their eyes and ears and pretended they weren’t happening. You cannot pretend neutrality.

To all New Mexicans – please, end abortion now.

“It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.” –Mother Teresa