Letter To The Editor: To That Concerned Citizen…

Republican Party of Los Alamos

Thank you, That Concerned Citizen, for your passionate response to the many letters written. Believe it or not, I agree with you, and I take up your challenge.

Although I share the political affiliation with the current party in power, does not mean I completely agree with all of their actions. Especially those that threaten our freedoms or future.

Many in my own Party have heard me call out the hypocritical notion that a party can call for less government, but mandate that the government decide who can marry. As a volunteer wildlife rehabber, I find it abhorrent that the first action of the new EPA chief was to recall the ban on leaded ammunition and tackle. I have personally seen a Bald Eagle, the image of strength and power, not able to even stand up because of the high levels of lead in their system. The recent actions by the GOP lead congress to change the rule in Alaska that protected bears and wolves from snap traps, baiting and being hunted in their dens makes me mad as hell!

Also, I find it ridiculous to claim that an abnormally cold day is evidence that climate change is a hoax, but I also believe that it is the arrogance of man to say that a planet that is 4 billion years old needs to remain at the climate it has had for only a few thousand years. Finally, I also don’t believe that a wall will solve our illegal immigration problem. I believe that a revamped immigration system with a modern citizenship process will be the only thing able to solve this problem.

Some of these views often put me in contention with others in my Party, but in the end, we come together and work to find the best solution. After all, no Party should completely agree on everything.

Also, our local Party does not often represent that national trend. Looking back at the 2016 election results, President Trump only received 3,359 votes in Los Alamos. Compare that to GOP County Council candidate Patrick Brenner, who received 3,512 votes, and obviously many in my Party did not share President Trump’s plan for our nation.

In my recent letter “Beware the Ides of March”, I made a call for everyone, no matter their political affiliation, to work together to protect the Republic. If this means my Party would get pummeled at the polls to keep a dangerous politician out of office, then so be it. To me, the health and safety of the Republic means more to me than electoral victories.


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