Letter to the Editor: Time To Stop Laughing And Get Serious

R. Wayne Hardie
Los Alamos
The County Council’s approval of the “Live Exponentially” brand for Los Alamos has had a couple of positive outcomes. First, it has united the citizens of Los Alamos unlike almost anything in recent memory–in particular, independent of political party, occupation, income, or age, almost everyone detests this brand.  
For example, in a poll in the LADailyPost.com (http://www.ladailypost.com/content/tagline-survey-majority-against-live-exponentially) just 8 percent, or 43 people out of 522 who voted, liked the new brand. I actually don’t know where the 43 people came from–perhaps the County Council members, their families, and employees of the “branding consultant company” North Star Destination Strategies?
Another positive outcome has been the many jokes, letters to the editor, and alternative suggestions for a brand that have provided a ton of laughs (my personal favorite of those submitted is “We Have More Money Than Brains–And That’s A Lot” although I thought “Get a Half-Life” and “We Waste Money Faster Than the Federal Government Does” were pretty funny also).  
However, the County Council has already spent $55,000 coming up with this brand and may spend an additional $225,000 for “branding services.” Spending a total of $280,000 on this joke isn’t so funny anymore.
Please, let’s pull the plug on this whole thing and move on.

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