Letter To The Editor: Time To Shed That Whiney Thin-Skined Arrogance…

Los Alamos

I’m sorry Ms. Schick but, I don’t need or want your history lesson (link).

As a veteran, and having been born and raised in Los Alamos, I find that maybe you and Mr. Reilly (link) need to shed your whiney thin-skinned arrogance and get down to some real serious reality.

More celebrities and supposed stars have claimed that they would leave if Trump was elected and we are still waiting. We have umpteen thousands of liberal pukes rampaging in the streets about their need for safe space and free speech and black lives matter yet it is they who are the ones rioting in the streets about any and all conservatives that would speak his or her mind. You and Mr. Reilly with your lofty high and mighty attitudes seem to fit in these groups very well. And frankly this kind of hypocritical garbage makes me want to retch.

Conservatives put up with that Muslim Communist Obama and his ilk for eight staggering long years…you probably voted for him didn’t you? I have friends who lost high paying jobs in the oil industry because of Obama’s moronic regulations. I have friends who lost their doctors and insurance after Obama lied to our faces saying we could keep our plans if we liked them. Did those people go out and riot? No, they went out like conservatives do and got 2 or 3 of these fine burger flipping jobs

created under the last administration hoping a real President would come along to fix it. Now that those people have some hope of returning to the workforce and finding affordable health insurance they are faced with the tantrums of liberal simpletons whining and crying like babies as well as rioting because there is a much more conservative President in the White House … . I can’t agree with everything he says but in regards to Mr. Reilly’s comments, he really does need to just suck it up and deal with the reality of the situation or leave the US.

I suggest you do the same and allow me my constitutional right to free speech and just butt out!

In your letter you made the statement, “Los Alamos is a town where thoughtful inquiry and rational discourse are not just expected, but required.”  Since when and by what legislation do you think I should be required to do anything other than to speak my mind? As a vet I will die for your right to say whatever you like and the company I keep is none of your business. But be warned … you don’t make the verbal rules and I don’t have to abide by whatever so-called social values you think are necessary!


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