Letter to the Editor: Time The Lights On Trinity … I’m Begging You

Los Alamos

Time the lights on Trinity … I’m begging you. I have been holding off on writing this letter because I was hoping that someone from Los Alamos County would recognize the problem and implement a solution.

I am out of patience. No one is more delighted with the new Smith’s Marketplace than me, however, when the State allowed the installation of a new (additional) traffic light at the easternmost entrance to the new Smith’s they created an unintended consequence … untimed traffic lights.

There are now three traffic lights within a third of a mile stretch of Trinity Drive. At times it can take more than four minutes to drive that short stretch of Trinity. Please, is there any way to time the lights so that drivers do not get caught at EVERY light when it is red? Growing up on the east coast (or anyone who has driven in Manhattan) knows what a beautiful sight it is to see a long stretch of green lights!

A solution would be greatly appreciated.



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