Letter To The Editor: Threat Of Isis To America

Los Alamos
The threat is being made by an active, well funded, and now well equipped group with up to date american weapons.
They are Jihadist terrorists splintered off from the radical sunni sect during the civil war in Syria. They will decapitate any one who will refuse to join their radical degenerate version of the islamic religions.
Sunni sect, dedicated to eliminating all Christians and Jews or any one else who will not give up their religion and join the radical barbaric islamic sect dedicated to forming a new sunni caliphate to be formed across the entire levant and the world.
They have been formed during the ongoing revolution in Syria and they have succeeded in taking control of the south eastern section of Syria which also opens access directly to the northern border of Iraq.
These borders are not inaccessible walls, they are only erasable lines in the sands, so effectively, now there is no border between Syria and Iraq.
It is currently estimated that Isis now numbers about 30,000 international sunni sect Jihadist suicidal terrorists who have come from all over the world.
It is said that about 2000 would have passports that would grant them direct access to North America. Other members could gain access across our borders illegally as have so many others.
At this point in time, Isis means the radical sunni islamic caliphate of Syria and Iraq, also it means that this group of dedicated Jihadist sunni terrorists are in the process of establishing the islamic radical religion of the levant meaning the entire middle east or what is now being referred to as Isil.
So, this Isis or Isil, a genuine priority threat to North America, a group of terrorists who now threaten the United States very directly.
They are led by one man, the caliph, his name is Abu Bakir Al Baghdadi or from Baghdad. He is the civil and religious leader of what is now being referred to as the Islamic state and it is their objective to become, very soon, the Islamic state of the levant or Isil, that is the entire middle east, North Africa and eventually any other corner of the world where they can establish themselves and execute any Christians, Jews and anyone else who wont become an active member of their religious sect.
So that is the direct threat to North America and to the world if you want to be realistic about what the demonstrated and dedicated intent is of the Isil. You either agree to join their radicalized version of the islamic sunni sect or you die.