Letter To The Editor: Thoughts On Various Subjects…

Los Alamos
Greg White is my real name Mr. Chapman. You can often see me at council meetings speaking my mind even though I see them all put earplugs in as I approach the mic.
Here, here Mr. Horne. Not only did we vote to keep the Sheriff but the 1959, 1963 and 1966 tries to pass a Charter with no Sheriff all failed because the people want a functional Sheriff not a figurehead. The only way the first charter 1968 passed was putting back in the elected Sheriff and the several attempts in between to remove the position of Sheriff have all failed also. What citizens need to be demanding of the “good ole boy (and girl) network” is why they are so fired up to protect sex offenders and don’t want a Sheriff who can and does arrest them.
An expanded pool is needed Ms. Redondo; however, the first step before the council promises anything is for the county to do a habitat conservation plan for that pesky Jemez salamander. But despite all my talking at the county building the council prefers to promise first and renege later.
Mr. Schramm I agree about the county shouldn’t nick pick but you have to admit the pictures in the article showed clear neglect  and it’s not fair to the people who work hard and spend money to have a nice looking home to have to put up with a neighbor who’s just plain lazy and selfish. Now the community should come together and form a volunteer group to help maintain those yards belonging to the poor and elderly and disabled because it’s the kind and the right thing to do so we can all enjoy nice neighborhoods. Besides you can’t escape nuisance ordinances anywhere in the country. I’ve lived with them even in very rural Texas and North Dakota.