Letter To The Editor: Thoughts On Conservatism…

Los Alamos
As an independent conservative, I think I have a right to challenge others who call themselves conservative.
I assume the root word of conservative is conserve, so the first question to ask of anyone of that persuasion, is “What things do you think are important to conserve?”
The human beings on this planet are by far the most important resource, so I think they should be conserved first. In my view, that would mean enough food and medicine for life, a free education, a good job of their choice, and an opportunity to retire with dignity when their work is done.
If this is to happen, the environment must be of good quality to support the human population, so the second thing on my conservative list is the environment.
I have to admit that large corporations are nowhere to be found on my list, although I cherish the family and many small businesses. If we look at the “conservatives” in congress, we see they have identified the worst problems of America and humanity. Based on their “work” this last year or two, we can see that women who have abortions past 20 weeks and Planned Parenthood are among the worst problems this nation faces.
I guess what they really want is unplanned parenthood, which seems to me to be the problem.
But, of course, the greatest threat these people see to humanity is Hillary. What a joke as leaders. These people conserve nothing except their own power, the power of those that keep them in power, and ignorant and backward thought. There seems to be a race to see who can make the most ignorant statement, and its hard to tell who is winning.
They have already shown themselves unable to govern and if they had an ounce of real integrity, they would resign from office, since they really don’t believe government can work and they do everything in their power to prove themselves correct.
From an energy standpoint, the only conservative position is to move to renewable hydrogen, even though it will mean the end of oil companies, as we know them.
Harry Braun, years ago, estimated it would take about $3 trillion to convert all of America to renewable hydrogen. Since then, we have spent at least $2 trillion on war, which doesn’t seem to conserve anything, except the security of those that manufacture things that blow up. Wouldn’t it have conserved much more to have spent our money on building a renewable hydrogen infrastructure instead of killing and displacing millions of innocent people?
Our Congressman Ben Ray Lujan is bought and paid for by the oil companies, in my humble opinion. Even though I have put Harry Braun’s paper directly into his hot little hand, he refuses to talk to me about hydrogen and has endorsed a plan by the natural gas companies to put natural gas filling stations along the Interstate Highways. His plan conserves the oil and gas companies, contributions to his campaign, and the continued pollution of our planet by not only the burning of these hydrocarbons, but also by the escape of methane and the pollution of underground resources by the hydraulic fracting process.
From a healthcare standpoint, the single payer system would conserve the most of American resources, but since it involves the government, it is immediately rejected by “conservative” leaders.
Every study shows that we could cut our total cost of healthcare in half, while covering every person in America from cradle to grave by just having the government pay the bills to private companies providing the services. Every year, the total cost for the next year could be estimated and the tax rate set adequate to provide the medical care.
By computerizing the entire system, paying daily, and using computer programs to search for fraud (which is one of the problems with big and small businesses), everyone could be covered, private businesses could make a reasonable profit, and we could eliminate all the waste associated with advertising by hospitals, healthcare organizations, insurance companies, and especially drug companies which now spend more money on advertising than on research.
Our healthcare system is full of these inefficiencies which are the direct result of the “conservative” approach to letting business run wild, without proper supervision and care for the needs of the public.
The love of the truth seems to be missing from most conservative leaders. Every time they speak, they try to distort the truth to fit their vision of reality and how it relates to their party.
It is a poor human being who values his party more than his country, who values his country more than his world, and ultimately, who values this planet over the rest of our galaxy.
To be a good citizen of America, shouldn’t one also be a good cosmic citizen, who cares for everything that God has made? And why do “conservatives” say “God bless America?” Shouldn’t we be saying, “America bless God?”
I like the last words to Bob Dylan’s song “With God On Our Side” which says that if God is on our side, he’d stop the next war. Wouldn’t that conserve the most? Can’t we stop the next war?
And speaking of war, I remember back during the Clinton Administration, when he proposed going into Kosovo, and all we heard from the “conservative” people were the words, “No nation building,” which is a conservative principle.
Now the “conservatives” seem to want more war, as they are the first to suggest nation building. Isn’t it a conservative principle to be consistent in one’s views? And how is war ever conservative, especially unneeded, illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional wars? Wouldn’t it be more conservative to solve our own problems here in America so that we can later use these solutions to help other countries?
Building roads, hospitals, schools, and homes would surely win us more friends than our current path of destroying everything that exists, and would seem to conserve more.
And I don’t understand why everyone needs guns and what that conserves. The days of the government having muskets and Americans having muskets to protect themselves from the government have long since past. The government can now blow up your home with a predator missile and you would never even know they desired your demise.
Sooner or later, a civilized society, must come to solve all disagreements with love, logic, reason and compromise instead of force. Man has taken advantage of woman for thousands of years because he was bigger and stronger physically. Slowly women have taken their place as an equal because we have learned that it is more important to work together and love each other, and that brain power is more important than physical power.
Surely the rest of society must learn this conservative lesson, which the marriage relationship is still teaching to us: “Solve your problems without violence.” Refusing to even discuss problems is just as wrong as using violence to solve problems. I call it the violence of silence.
And what is conservative about denying that mankind is causing the planet to warm? “Conservatives” deny this constantly, even though the evidence is now overwhelming that we are the cause. One feature of “conservative” leaders seems to be an unwillingness to change their mind about an issue, no matter what kind of evidence is presented to the contrary.
They seem to make up their mind early in a process and use very simple models to explain a very complex world. The truth should always be important to everyone as its hard to build a value based personal reality on lies.
And I don’t understand what is conservative about interfering in the lives of women in their decisions about abortion. I’m more of an Eisenhower conservative, since his platform called for the government to stay out of the private lives of its citizens.
Being against abortion wasn’t considered a “conservative” viewpoint until the neo-conservatives left the Democratic Party and joined the Republican Party, because they knew they could get votes on this single issue alone. So remember, a new conservative is apparently just an old progressive, but conservative, they are not.
Rejecting immigrants to our country is not a conservative solution. If we really want to solve these problems, we should spend the time and resources necessary to help other countries solve their problems peacefully so that no one wants to leave and come to America.
In the end, the only way to lose an enemy is to make them a friend. Making friends conserves. Blowing up others conserves nothing and only results in more enemies that want to harm us. Maybe Jesus was right when he said we should solve our problems with love rather than hate.
Moore later, if it be the will of God, and the Post.