Letter To The Editor: This Smacks Of Vendetta

Los Alamos

Jaret McDonald displays the significantly foolish over-reaction of too many of our current County Councilors (letter). He states that he favors a County Sheriff position, having been one himself, but: “The current Sheriff, Marco Lucero, has consistently tried to increase the role of the office beyond what the Charter established.”

The foolish over-reaction is to ‘solve’ this problem by abolishing the office. Yet the Council has control over it and the current Sheriff is term-limited and will leave office soon. All the Council has to do is be firm in limiting the activities of the Sheriff if they think that is the right thing to do. They have already remarkably hindered the Sheriff by their ordinances.

No, Mr. McDonald, despite your accommodating words, this smacks of vendetta, not considered public policy. The criticism you are experiencing is fully warranted. Don’t expect any votes from me in the future.