Letter To The Editor: There’s A Reason Why Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard Has Been Repeatedly Elected

Los Alamos

I’m writing to ask you to vote to return Stephanie Garcia Richard to the New Mexico State House as our Representative from Los Alamos. As both a citizen and then as a county councilor, I’ve had the chance to see Stephanie in action as we worked together on a number of issues that are important to our community.

While many politicians have gone negative, and while much of our public discourse has turned negative or even hateful; Stephanie has always been a calm, reasonable, measured voice — helping to build bridges and to find solutions to the many problems the State of New Mexico facesand to the unique challenges and opportunities of Los Alamos County.

In the last legislative session, I had the opportunity to work as Legislative Analyst in the New Mexico House of Representatives, and that gave me a chance to see Stephanie in action every day. While I churned out analyses sitting in a crowded office, the audio of the House of Representatives daily sessions was piped into the office and I could hear the discourse between legislators as bills were discussed. Day after day, I heard Stephanie advocate for the interests of Los Alamos County. What I saw and heard in Stephanie is someone who understands her constituents needs, who does her homework, who takes the time to understand the impact state action would have on our families and on our community, and who works hard to deliver results.

I wasn’t alone in that recognition. The regard and esteem for Stephanie as a highly respected leader in the Legislature, across party lines, is obvious to anyone listening day after day. Los Alamos County has an experienced, well regarded legislator working effectively in what is often a rancorous and unpredictable environment. In those rare cases in the recent past when there’s been bipartisan consensus in the House, Stephanie was usually at the center of a common sense solution, and she was very often the collaborative leader who brokered a good path forward for New Mexicans, when others were stuck in gridlock. She has the common sense, tenacity, and passion to work to deliver solutions that move us forward.

There’s a reason why Stephanie Garcia Richard has been repeatedly elected as our State Representative. Please reward Stephanie’s extensive good work for our community and the excellent example she sets in Santa Fe with your vote.


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