Letter To The Editor: The Qualities We Need In A Judge

Former City of Santa Fe Attorney
I got to know District Court Judge Greg Shaffer when he was Santa Fe County Attorney and I was the City of Santa Fe Attorney. During that time, the City and County had to work together to address issues about their shared water supply and were able to resolve some long-standing water disputes.
In our many interactions, Greg showed a willingness to entertain and explore differing points of view; learn new, and often complex, material, much of it technical in nature; and engage in meaningful discussion to identify areas of agreement and potential resolution in areas of dispute. Throughout it all, Greg was infallibly courteous, well-informed, sensitive to differing viewpoints, patient, tactful, and open-minded.
We need all those qualities in our judges. That is why I supported Judge Shaffer’s successful application to the independent, bipartisan Judicial Nominating Commission and why I am supporting him in the Democratic primary.