Letter to the Editor: The Next Big Idea and Yom Kippur

Los Alamos

After reading Stauber, Spencer and Santiago, (letters published in Los Alamos Daily Post) I would hope that those who believe in the God or no-god of their choice, would all learn that the best of all teachings is RESPECT.

Sensitivity to or respect of the beliefs of others does not imply acquiescence to their beliefs, whether they are in an ancient or modern version of “wisdom.”

I agree whole-heartedly with Stauber and Spencer that were the date conflicting with a Christian holiday, it would have been changed long ago without question.

I am saddened by the crass insensitivity and would like to see respect for all our community members exercised from this point forward. If Los Alamos is searching for a moniker, maybe it should be that!

This should be a good learning opportunity for all of us. Thank you.



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