Letter To The Editor: That Gut-Wrenching Pain…

By Bob Fuselier
Los Alamos

Have you felt that painful,tightening, gut-wrenching feeling when you hear someone state something that infringes upon your rights or beliefs?

Good, that means you’re human. The feeling comes from an emotional system that helps us survive.

Have you allowed that feeling to develop into anger toward the one expressing the statement?

That’s not good. It’s true that anger is part of our humanity, but it comes from the lowest and most ancient parts of our brain, one we share with lizards.

Have you taken an oppositional stance of the idea or policy that was stated?

That’s good. You’re using the higher levels of your brain to do something constructive with that painful feeling you felt initially.

Is your opposition causing you to see the one who made the statement as someone from another group that’s evil?

That’s not good. You’re letting the lower levels of your brain control the higher levels. You’re developing what we call hatred.

Is your opposition directed at the idea or policy that was stated with the understanding that the one who made the statement is your brother or sister?

That’s good. You’re tapping into the highest level of your human potential with the greatest degree of freedom available to man. Mutually beneficial solutions to problems will be found.

Let’s rise above our reptilian potential.

Let’s be human.