Letter to the Editor: Thanks to Smith’s Marketplace Managers and Staff

Los Alamos

Initially I was vehemently against this new big box store, its location, and what it was going to do to my businesses. As former Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce director, each business that continued to survive in the Los Alamos atmosphere was one of my heroes and a triumph. 

The thought of a store like this that could put my smaller businesses out of business made me physically sick. After reading some of the things my old friend Dave Fox has said, I realized I put too little faith in our business owners/leaders and our community members. We are capable of keeping it all thriving if we are creative, supportive, and stick together.

Also, I was feeling very protective of my many friends who worked at the old Smiths, fearing they might lose their jobs (didnt happen) and my safe shopping experience there. After the accident that left me permanently disabled, I frequently needed help and they were always there for me, (along with BESC and ACT). This theme of fear of change is bugging me now that I recognize it. And, along with the recognition, has come a new perspective (I now no longer have to beg friends to bring from Santa Fe the things not found here, in addition, lots of new folks now have good jobs)

I would like to thank all the folks at Smiths for the gargantuan task of creating, stocking, opening, and running this huge beautiful new store and this while not losing the personal care I had grown so spoiled byThough I am unable to personally thank each individual employee here, I can thank the following managers, knowing they will pass it along to their staff:

  • Erik – Store Director
  • Corey – Assistant Store Director
  • Daniel – Assistant Store Director
  • Steve – Assistant Store Director
  • Serena – Assistant Store Director
  • Janele Johnson -HR Manager
  • Bob – Meat Manager
  • Henry – Produce
  • Jeremiah – Non-foods Manager
  • Marty – Grocery Manager
  • Amy – Front End Manager
  • Robert – Pharmacy Manager
  • Deborah – GM/ Home Manager
  • Maria – Apparel Manager

Kudos, job well done! (Just thinking about the number of items you all have to inventory boggles my mind – thank goodness for computers.)


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