Letter To The Editor: Thanks To Our Great Local Businesses!

Los Alamos

My friends who live in other parts of the country often ask me why I like living in Los Alamos so much.  

I tell them that aside from the natural beauty, great hiking trails, short car/walk/bike/bus commute to the lab, lovely public library, fabulous people, and supportive community, we also have some amazing local businesses.

I’d like to call attention to help I received this week from the staff at Village Arts, as well as Brian at AutoDoc on DP Road and Jim Stein Photography.

I especially want to call attention to James and his staff at Aspen Copies. I was working with several friends this week on a project with a very tight deadline, and all these businesses came through for us. Aspen Copies in particular was invaluable with their extremely timely service, ability to scan pictures, print many pictures from a flash drive, and trim them all down to size from our very complicated multiple orders. They were professional and competent and had an amazing turn-around time.

I am fortunate to live in this community and have these and other great businesses readily available with their cheerful customer service and willingness to help out.