Letter to the Editor: Thanks to Blood Drive Coordinators and Donors

United Blood Services of New Mexico

Every day, our blood center is constantly on the go, shipping blood to various hospitals throughout the state of New Mexico. Many times, I hear the phone ring and our Hospital Services staff respond to the call saying, “What type of product do they need? When do they need it by? We’ll get it there!”

When I overhear these conversations, it makes me stop and think, what would we do without coordinators like you? What would we do if you didn’t put your heart and soul into our mission to recruit donors to donate life-saving blood? How would we answer the phone? “What type of product do they need? We don’t have that right now but we can cross our fingers that a donor comes in so that we can get it to them before it is too late, sound good?”

As a coordinator, you might feel the push to ‘hit goal’ but I want you to know that without your hard work, we wouldn’t be able to get the blood to our patients immediately as we currently do. We would have to cross our fingers and wait for donors to come into our door which is a scary thought if you or your loved ones were the patient needing it.

For your most recent blood drive, you recruited 136 donors to donate 169 lifesaving products which will impact approximately 507 patients.

You are the reason we survive. You are the reason we’re able to get the blood to our patients as soon as they need it. You are the reason we are able to save lives. I hope you know how much you are valued.  

Thanks for all your work on the Los Alamos Community Blood Drive. I look forward to working with you all in the 2014 year!