Letter To The Editor: Thanks Jason, Steve & Reid!

Los Alamos 

Ms. Hanrahan would do well to remember that one can disagree without being disagreeable.

Attacking a person based on that person’s age, ethnicity, or gender is inappropriate.

I would like to publicly thank Steve Reneau, Jason Halladay, and Reid Priedhorsky for their well done letters to the editor regarding the Stage 3 restrictions in our area. They did not whine. They presented reasoned arguments against blanket policies and proposed alternative solutions with reasoning for them. Such is not the input of a whiner.

I’d like to thank Jason for his many hours of public service to this community. Many of you may not know this, but Jason and his outdoor enthusiast friends are responsible for clearing debris and fallen trees from many of our trails, making them better for all of us. You may see Jason out running with a hand saw in his pack, stopping to clear obstructions as he goes. He is a doer, not a whiner!

I’d like to thank Steve for his many hours of service. Steve has participated locally, regionally, and nationally in efforts to improve outdoor access and experience for others. He has spent countless days on multi-day backpacking trips carrying gear in to use to repair trails, clear invasive plants, etc. He is a doer, not a whiner.

I don’t personally know of Reid’s public service. I do know that he’s an involved, responsible father of two young children. I’m sure that he contributes in ways that I have not personally observed. Thank you, Reid.

None of these three drives a BMW or an Audi, and I doubt they spend a lot of time polishing the vehicles they do own. They’re too busy out getting things done!


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