Letter To The Editor: Thanks For Supporting C’YA

Ariel Casteneda. Courtesy photo
C’YA Executive Director
I just wanted to take a moment to thank your readers for supporting Champions of Youth Ambitions (C’YA) through Assets Month in September.
It started for us with the donation of a haircut from Supercuts to benefit a youth group project, raising funds for the program. A volunteer donated nine inches of hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths helping a cancer patient to receive a free wig and helping the youth raise $112 to sponsor their mentorship activities throughout the year.
What many don’t know is that hair stylist Ariel Casteneda filled in very unexpectedly when a co-worker was in a car accident. Casteneda filled in for her friend on the very afternoon, before the first day of school.
The Los Alamos Commerce and Development Corporation and Los Alamos Public Schools supported C’YA with promoting College & Military Day as proclaimed by the Los Alamos County Council, along with Assets month.
Local organizations like United Church of Los Alamos, the Preceptor Beta Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi and the Betty Ehart and White Rock Senior Centers collected lunch and snack items to help students need throughout our community.
The Animal Clinic of Los Alamos, Aspen Copies, the Children’s Clinic, the Finishing Touch, Morning Glory Bakery and Village Arts all collected spare change during the month to support the idea that even a little change here and there can be turned in to big projects from local non-profits.
The funds will continue to support our Community Youth Award presented each month to recognize great kids doing wonderful things in and around our community.
Finally individuals like Laura Butler for donating little things that make a big difference, the Rotary Club for lending an ear and Claire & Martyn Swinhoe for sponsoring the first Community Youth Award for a Los Alamos Middle School student.
It takes a village sometimes and I am awful happy I live in one that cares.

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