Letter To The Editor: Thanks For Saving Our Dog

Los Alamos

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped rescue our dog, Sofie, from the bottom of Barrancas Canyon while we were away on vacation.

Sofie’s adventure began last Sunday when she escaped our yard and climbed and/or fell into the canyon. Neighbors, friends, animal control Ofc. Tom Beyers, and our very conscientious dog-sitter searched high and low on Barranca Mesa, but by nightfall could find no trace of our wayward dog.

Miraculously, our neighbor Mary Langworthy heard Sofie barking in the canyon early Monday morning and called Los Alamos police dispatch. Responding to the call for help, LAPD officers Cpl. Matt Lyon and Sgt. Brent Hudspeth climbed into the canyon and found Sofie, who was very weak and couldn’t walk on her own. These caring officers carried 13-year-old, 70+ pound Sofie out of the canyon on their shoulders.

Lyle Edwards heard the officers as they neared the top of the canyon around 6 a.m. and aided the rescue by dropping ropes so they could hoist themselves and Sofie up the final steep section. It was an amazing effort on the part of many that we have our beloved dog home safe and sound.

We are blessed to live in a community where everyone cares so much about their neighbors and pets, and to have a police department with officers who go above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you!!




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