Letter To The Editor: Thankful To This Community

Los Alamos

When my husband and I returned to Los Alamos to raise our children in our hometown, I confess that I was quite surprised by how little had changed. It was a new lens for me; I was looking at Los Alamos with the eyes of a homeowner and a voter. Sixteen years later, when I drive around our community I feel a deep sense of gratitude to every citizen that has voted for sensible change.

The flower baskets that hang along Central Avenue are perhaps the simplest change, but at every turn there are improvements that affect the quality of life here in our hilltop community. Attending a Gordon’s Concert in the summer months around our refurbished and improved Ashley Pond sets my eyes on beautiful public art, the Teen Center, and even the public restrooms. But, perhaps the change I am most grateful for is the greatly improved schools. Los Alamos High School, Los Alamos Middle School and Aspen Elementary have all been partially or substantially rebuilt. The teachers, students and parents that these buildings serve say that they feel valued by the community when they walk through the doors of those school sites.

In each case, the voters of our community expressed their desire to keep public education a priority and I for one am grateful. My family returned to Los Alamos for the quality of the schools and the proximity to a ski hill, but we stayed because the voters of our community embrace necessary improvements that preserve the quality of life we’ve come to expect.

When I cast my ballot in January for the next school bond election, I will again walk it into the Municipal Building and be thankful that the voters of Los Alamos are continuing the legacy of providing excellence in public education to our children.