Letter To The Editor: Thank You To Many For 20th Anniversary Chamberfest Success

Chamber Director

The Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce would like to thank everyone who helped make the 20th Anniversary Chamberfest a successful event.

The Los Alamos County Community Development office and Public Works department promptly processed our permit applications, Central Park Square provided the venue for the majority of the event, Los Alamos Police Department provided security at the event, Metzgers Do It Best Hardware provided sand for the LANB sandpile, Plateau Properties cleaned up the sandpile and took it away at the end of the event, the Los Alamos Daily Post printed a special section promoting the event, KRSN AM 1490 provided two interviews promoting the event,  and our sponsors – LANB, Del Norte Credit Union, Trinity Urgent Care, Los Alamos Children’s Dentistry, and the Los Alamos National Labs Community Relations and Programs office – without whom we could not have put on the event.

There were 73 businesses and non-profit organizations that had booths at Chamberfest this year. I would like to thank each and every one of the volunteers from those booths for taking time away from your companies and your families to spend part of your Saturday on Central Avenue or MainStreet or around Central Park Square Park or around the Chamber of Commerce parking lot.

We also had a number of residents who came out and spent time showing their four-wheel-drive vehicles to interested Chamberfest visitors. I would like to thank them and I hope the 4×4 show becomes a tradition and they come back next year and bring many, many of their friends.

We estimate that close to 3,000 residents came to Chamberfest this year. It was the largest event in our history. We appreciate the members of the community coming out and supporting all of our Chamber Members and learning what they have to offer the community. Congratulations to Erika Pound and Carson Brunette who won the Chamberfest BINGO game, each receiving a prize package of props from the WGN TV series MANH(A)TTAN.

And last, but by no means least, I would like to thank the members of the 1996 and 2016 boards of directors of the Chamber who participated in the DNCU Showdown at High Noon. These brave souls took part in a dodgeball contest in the middle of Central Avenue – Roger Waterman, Emily McGay, Don Taylor, Daniel Roybal (Cheryl Sowder’s ringer), David Jolly, Cynthia Rooney, Steve Weingart, Bill Wadt and Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard.