Letter To The Editor: Thank You To First Responders/Pedestrians

Los Alamos

My brother Evan was involved in a motorcycle accident this Friday, July 17 on Canyon Road.

On behalf of my brother, (as well as the rest of our family), he is extremely thankful not only to the police officers, EMTs and Los Alamos Medical Center workers that attended his accident and provided care, but also to two anonymous pedestrian couples who stopped and called said responders.

He was not able to get the names of the pedestrians nor the first responders (due to the confusion from the accident) but he is extremely thankful to them and would like to extend this thanks to them somehow publically.

He would like to let them know that he is okay and was able to come home from the hospital the same night with minimal scrapes and bruises. Although he will be walking like an ogre for some time now.

The experience of his first accident was made less traumatizing by their bedside or rather “roadside” manner of all in attendance. He also apologizes for what he sees as “ruining their night” and hopes that they keep their good samaritan tendencies.

-Kind regards,

The Carter Family


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