Letter To The Editor: Thank You, Los Alamos Friends Of The Shelter​​

Los Alamos
I just wanted to take a few moments out of the day to thank the volunteers at Los Alamos Friends of the Shelter for their amazing perseverance to ensure one of their shelter dogs, Maddie, got a forever home this past Feb. 28.
I don’t fully understand the ins and outs of what took place that day (a Sunday). All I know is that my husband and I sat in the Meet ‘n Greet room with Maddie for over three hours as volunteers worked tirelessly to undo an agreement that had been made to send Maddie to another shelter in Albuquerque the very next day.
We wanted her, and the thought of losing a friend we had just met was devastating. Finally, when we got word that Maddie was ours, I began crying and hugged our fantastic volunteer who delivered the news. 
Really, wow. What a team Los Alamos Friends of the Shelter has! I’m happy to report that Maddie is living the fun, adventurous life that all shelter animals deserve.
To see Maddie’s transition from a shelter dog to a normal pup who loves to run races with her humans, fetch her ball endlessly, and take rides in the car is absolutely heartwarming. Her personality is contagious. It is just another reason of a thousand to adopt a shelter pet.
You may see us walking along in White Rock, or participating in the Atomic City Roadrunner Pace Races every Tuesday. If you see us, come say hi. Maddie loves the head pats. 
Thank you, Los Alamos Friends of the Shelter! We can’t think of life without Maddie. She is our forever dog.
Maddie. Courtesy photo
Maddie running around in a tutu. Courtesy photo
Maddie and her rope. Courtesy photo