Letter to the Editor: Thank You Letter to Residents of Los Alamos from UNM-LA

UNM-LA Executive Director

Dear Residents of Los Alamos,

As Executive Director for UNM-Los Alamos, I want to extend my sincere thanks for the community support we’ve received during our recent special election. It is very rewarding to hear personal stories from our students and alumni about their many positive experiences at UNM-LA. Our contributions to the quality of life in Los Alamos are amplified in the testimonials from those who have had rewarding and, for some, life-altering experiences as a result of their participation in our programs at UNM-LA. We are proud and gratified to share the many unique and significant accomplishments of our students, faculty and staff with the community.

Higher education in UNM-Los Alamos promises to be the vehicle for personal and professional success and mobility. Because of local, state and other investments in higher education at UNM-LA many opportunities for the high quality education and training for current and future students were created and sustained. These investments have enabled UNM-LA to offer affordable, accessible, and high quality teaching and learning essential to the development of our students and to our community that greatly values education. 

UNM-LA will continue to refine how we serve the community and react to changing workforce needs. Our commitment to the student and community goes hand-in-hand with our desire to enrich each student’s potential and contribute to the economic vitality of Los Alamos.  

With respect to the outcome of the Sept.  17 special election, we will continue to explore all strategies to sustain the programs and services in place at UNM-LA. As we face these difficult financial realities, tough but mindful decisions about resource allocations will be made regarding the many needs, demands and equity considerations associated with serving our current and future students and the Los Alamos community.

We thank you for your investment in and support of the UNM-LA campus. We will hold in great respect your trust in our ability to deliver higher education opportunities to this community in the future.


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