Letter To The Editor: Thank You Incredible Special Education And Specials Teachers At Aspen Elementary School!

By Aspen PTO

The Aspen PTO would like to thank the incredible Special Education and Specials Teachers of Aspen Elementary School this Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4-8):

  • Kathryn Anderson
  • Beth Bathrick
  • Andrea Dowdy
  • Janet Eklund
  • Adam Garcia
  • Susan Koehn
  • Miel Lim
  • Jeffrey Lloyd
  • Shelley Morey
  • Jane Riechman
  • Alisa Rolfe
  • Shannon Trujillo
  • Allison Washburn
  • Britt Williams

These 14 teachers have 200 years of combined teaching experience. Many of them have a Master’s Degree and National Board Certification; almost all have additional certifications and specialized endorsements. They make our school complete, insuring that our kids experience Art, Music, and Physical Education. They inspire our kids to love books, keep all the kids academically challenged, and help kids with speech, English language, and other special education needs.

Please take a moment this week to thank these dedicated  professionals or any teachers that have helped you in the past!

“Teachers are expected to reach unattainable goals with inadequate tools. The miracle is that at times they accomplish this impossible task.” Haim Ginott


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