Letter To The Editor: Thank You From Visiting Nurses

Two Key Club members who delivered daffodils this year. Courtesy photo
Los Alamos
My name is Rosemary Coyne, MSN, RN. I am the newly appointed executive director of the Los Alamos Visiting Nursing Service (LAVNS).
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who made our 21st annual LAVNS Daffodil Drive such a success again this year. The funds we raise every year are used to help our hospice patients in need.
I am glad that I arrived here on Feb. 29, Monday of “Daffodil Week”. Otherwise, I would have missed seeing the amazing work done by so many people. Not only did these volunteers donate their time to the cause, they did it cheerfully and with great humor.
Countless hours of hard work were provided by caring individuals in this community. Thanks also go out to the Los Alamos High School Key Club members who help us every year. Thank you to Philip and Bernadette Kunsberg of Central Park Square, who not only provided the space for “Daffodil Central”, they also donated their time and that of several of their employees to help in the preparation of thousands of daffodils.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico and Wal-Mart have generously sponsored our event for many years.
I had the opportunity to help deliver daffodils Saturday morning, March 5. It was a privilege meeting even more Los Alamos people. I was greeted by smiles and warmth at every door.
I feel so welcome in your wonderful community, and I am looking forward to guiding LAVNS in our continuing mission to provide the best home health and hospice care available.