Letter to the Editor: Thank You From Los Alamos Heart Council

Los Alamos Heart Council

I had the pleasure of being the coordinator of the 29th Annual Los Alamos Heart Council Health Fair, held this last Saturday, Sept. 27. It was a tremendous success, with attendance in the thousands.

It takes a lot of work and generosity to be able to offer free flu shots, reduced price blood tests, all kinds of free health screenings, exhibits from scores of health providers and, of course, free bike helmets.

The Heart Council would like to thank all those who pitch in every year to make the event one of the largest community events in the County. Obviously, it not possible to thank every one of the hundreds of people it takes to make the Health Fair work. So I want everyone who volunteers for the various jobs we need done, it is noticed and appreciated.

The generosity of the Los Alamos Medical Center is indispensable to our efforts. Without them underwriting the costs of flu shots and the reduced costs of blood draws, we would not be able to offer those services. Staff members and employees from all over the Hospital donate their time as well. I particularly wish to thank the Marketing Director for the Hospital, Mary Beth Maassen, for her help.

The funding of the United Way of Northern New Mexico also makes the Fair possible. We are proud to be one of UWNNM’s community partners and I want to thank Executive Director Kristy Ortega for her continuous support and help.

Ever since the Fair has moved over to the High School Gym, we receive tremendous help and great coordination from LAPS. Facilities Manager Katie Rosenbaum and the Schools’ staff always get everything we need done, anticipating most of our needs.

Among the other volunteers, Dr. Carolyn Linnebur and the many staff members of Medical Associates of Northern New Mexico quickly and efficiently process the many hundreds of flu shot recipients, the phlebotomists of the Hospital Blood Lab quickly and almost painlessly conduct all the blood draws, the Tuff Riders Bike Club does a tremendous job of fitting the kids’ bike helmets, the Los Alamos Monitor publishes and distributes the Health Fair insert section before the Fair, KRSN provides a live remote broadcast and, of course, the Pink Ladies of the Los Alamos Medical Center Auxiliary are there to help all over the Fair.

Finally, I thank the many members of the community who attended this year’s Health Fair. Community support and participation is what makes the Fair successful and satisfying to produce. Come see us at next year’s 30th Annual Los Alamos Heart Council Health Fair in fall 2015.