Letter To The Editor: Thank You Bill Hudson

Class of 72
Many people had the honor of knowing Bill Hudson but those of us that grew up with his children had a unique view of a man of honor.

First off Hooraaa to a Marine who went above and beyond … a thing I’m ashamed to say I didn’t understand until I went into the military myself! As a Marine in WW2, Bill was the Best of the Best!

How many had the privilege of jumping on his trampoline in his back yard? All we had to do was first get permission and then pull some weeds or toss some rocks out of the yard! You proved your
true generosity in that we learned respect for others before our own pleasure! And there was that one weekend that you memorized the entire Los Alamos phone book and amazed those of us who tested you!

Who ever said that Marines weren’t intelligent had their head in a place where the sun don’t shine!

Then it came to high school when I would visit with my friends who were on the swimming team and you had trained them to become some of the best swimmers in the state. I see your discipline of life that was passed on to the students.

Bill Hudson is a true treasure to the people of Los Alamos and especially those of us who had the privilege and honor of being trained and molded by his character and integrity!

We are ever in your debt Bill. May Father of our Lord Jesus Christ bless you!