Letter To The Editor: Thank You Atomic City Transit For ACTracker!

White Rock resident
I would like to thank Atomic City Transit and any affiliates for the new ACTracker!
I’m not sure how many Los Alamosians know about this amazing new ACT feature, but I highly recommend they check it out and use it as often as possible. Check it to see if a bus is on time or late, its previous stop, its current destination, and more. I use it daily, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

According to the ACTracker page listed on the Los Alamos County website (https://www.losalamosnm.us/transit/Pages/ACTracker.aspx), “Atomic City Transit’s ACTracker is a free service that provides real-time route information. Using GPS receivers on every vehicle, the ACTracker allows riders to see where their bus is on our route map and also when it is estimated to depart from any bus stop.”

What is even better is that almost any device with an Internet connection can use the ACTracker. You can even text “ACT” and your bus stop number (listed on placards at each bus stop) to 321123. This is the public transportation service we’ve all been waiting for – thank you ACT!


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