Letter To The Editor: Tension Mounts Waiting In Paint Line

Los Alamos

Having spent the Pandemic so far catching up on years’ worth of landscaping, I went to Metzger’s this morning to buy a few gallons of paint. The house is looking a bit scruffy and the weather is perfect.

As my paint was being mixed and shaken, I could not help but overhear the two masked, socially-distanced (in more ways than one) middle-aged customers behind me complaining about having to wait in line. It just kept getting louder and ruder to the point where I couldn’t help thinking of that old TV show, What Would You Do.

I really don’t consider myself to be the Queen of Patience but would never dream of treating the workers at our local hardware store, who I’ve known for decades, as slaves.

Is this sort of behavior ok? These men are someone’s husband, son, grandfather. I suggested to these people that bringing along a paperback for such errands is always a good idea in a small town. I thought they might choke me.