Letter to the Editor: Take Time To Check Out Local Merchandise

Los Alamos

I have felt compelled to shop in Santa Fe over the years because I was sure that certain items or services didn’t exist in our stores. But, the other day, I realized that I haven’t really made the effort to find out what is actually in our stores.

While at the Village Arts store down on DP Road for some framing supplies, I wandered into their store section. I was totally surprised to see the huge selection of goods beyond the paint, brushes and art supplies that I had expected to see. Items fell into categories like ‘office,’ ‘hobbies,’ children’s creative activities,’ ‘knitting’ and more odds and ends than I can remember.

It might be that those of us who want to see our local businesses stay in business should make a point of dropping by and taking a little time to really look at what is actually on the shelves and what services are offered. I think we’ll be surprised and delighted.