Letter To The Editor: Tagline Reply

Los Alamos

JJ Maier (letter) and Chris Weaver (letter) may think that the current tagline, “Where Discoveries Are Made” is all we need, but I haven’t seen any evidence that this tagline is having the desired impact on the targeted audience, resulting in increased tourism.

Maier may think that the viewpoints of relative newbies to Los Alamos are irrelevant, but in my experience as a past resident of Philadelphia, most people have never heard of Los Alamos or LANL, or, if they know the town as the place where the atomic bomb was developed, know nothing about it as a place to visit.

In my view, a better marketing campaign is clearly needed, and while the use of the “Discoveries” tagline may make sense to most Los Alamosites, it makes far less sense to people that know nothing about LANL.

My favorite tagline is “Limitless Horizons”, because to me this best reflects the scenic perspective of the mountain vistas that provide us with abundant recreational and sport opportunities, while still allowing a focus on the historical and cultural environments that make Los Alamos unique.


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