Letter To The Editor: Surely Worth It To Save Lives?

Los Alamos

It’s time to drive home from LANL, and time for another round of “dodge the mother with child running across the street.”

There is no place for a pedestrian to safely cross the street on Trinity between Diamond and Oppenheimer, and nowhere on Central between Diamond and Ashley Pond.

In this space there are numerous apartment and condo complexes filled with families with children, as well as the swimming pool, library, a children’s dentist and orthodontist, a school, several churches, dance, art and music classes, a demonstration garden/park, a teen center, several playgrounds, a skate park and a movie theatre.

This is a residential neighborhood and people will cross the road. We can’t just leave out the crosswalks and say “Now it’s safe.” We can’t define it as a commuter zone when it’s not.

Many of the people running across the street dodging traffic don’t even have cars as alternatives – youngsters commuting to their activities or grandparents minding the kids. One more crosswalk on Trinity and two on Central and a lower speed limit is surely worth it to avoid flattened children.