Letter To The Editor: Supporting Our Schools Is The Right Thing To Do

Los Alamos

Early next month, you will receive a mail-in ballot for the school bond election. I urge you to join me in supporting our community’s most important asset – our children – by voting YES.

This is one envelope that won’t get buried in the mail pile. We will mail our ballots back on the same day they arrive for several reasons.

First, supporting our students is the right thing to do. My three children have thrived in the Los Alamos Public Schools, and have benefited from the new Los Alamos Middle School and Los Alamos High School wing. I want the same opportunities for future students. Aspen Elementary School also is a fabulous new facility. However, the other elementary schools are 50-60 years old. We cannot maintain the same levels of excellence in crumbling facilities. This bond will provide funding for refurbishing Barranca Elementary School and substantially upgrading the other schools.

In addition, funding this bond is a great investment in our community. Many LANL new hires come to Los Alamos because of our excellent schools. For homeowners, our investment in excellent schools can only increase our property values. The entire community benefits from a healthy, adequately funded school system.

Finally, passing this bond will not increase your taxes. The funds will allow LAPS to continue with desperately needed upgrades to our school facilities. I hope you will join me in promptly sending back your ballot with a “YES” vote.