Letter To The Editor: Support Judge Anne Nobile For Probate Judge

Former Los Alamos Probate Judge

I am writing in support of Judge Anne Nobile, Los Alamos’ current Probate Judge and candidate for the position in this election.

As a former probate judge, I know what the job entails and understand the qualifications and personal commitment necessary to be an effective probate judge. Judge Nobile is experienced in interpreting laws, rules and requirements, an important component of the position. She has completed the necessary training for probate judges at the New Mexico Judicial Education Center. 

Prior to moving to Los Alamos, Judge Nobile worked as a paralegal, and currently her job at the Laboratory requires her to interpret dense federal rules and regulations. Before her appointment, Judge Nobile served for several years as the Chair of the Los Alamos Planning & Zoning Commission and was a member of the Los Alamos Housing Partnership, a non-profit organization focused on increasing the availability of affordable housing in town.

Judge Nobile is a long-term Los Alamos resident with a consistent history of service to the community. She understands the position. She understands the community.  She is a caring and compassionate person. There is no better choice for Los Alamos County Probate Judge than Judge Anne Nobile.