Letter To The Editor: Support For Trinity Road Redesign

Los Alamos

Some of us have expressed dismay about the proposed redesign of Trinity Drive near the hospital and the new apartment complex.

It sounds bad to “narrow” a key busy road. But in fact, I strongly believe the redesign will make traffic flow more smoothly.

Today, Trinity is a two-lane minefield of stopped cars trying turn in the left lane and bicycles in the right lane. There is no lane that is guaranteed to flow, and cars have to unexpectedly stop, swerve or merge around turning cars and bicycles.

The new design as I understand it will provide three lanes in either direction: one dedicated to bicycles, one dedicated to through traffic and one dedicated for turning. (The turning lane is presumably for one direction or the other depending on where the turnouts are.)

I strongly believe this will speed up traffic and make life safer for everybody. In case of emergencies, accidents, and evacuations, the road is just as wide as it used to be and can be repurposed as roads usually are in such circumstances.

In designing roads, we have to think about actual bottlenecks to traffic flow, not just making roads wider. In a town as small as Los Alamos the bottlenecks to traffic flow are usually lights, construction, merging, turning, bicycles, pedestrians, etc., and usually not the number of lanes.