Letter To The Editor: Support For Rec Bond

Los Alamos
I support the upcoming Rec Bond. Among many positives offered by living in Los Alamos is a safe community at the foot of the beautiful Jemez Mountains.
While I agree that there are many opportunities for recreation, I noticed last summer when my young granddaughters were visiting that the lack of a “toddler friendly” public swimming pool was a disappointment.
The proposed improvements to our public swimming pool and the addition of a Splash Park in White Rock will provide fun, easy to enjoy recreational opportunities for young children and their families, including grandparents.
Not having young children, I can’t speak to what recreational activities are available to them, but I can appreciate the need to improve, upgrade, and add to the opportunities that exist. I do share the concern regarding maintenance of a Splash Pad. Our weather can be harsh and very hard on this kind of facility. I have not looked into how the County has spent money on this kind of item in the past, but I trust that the County Council is aware of the need for regular maintenance and periodic repair and it will be provided for.
While I don’t play golf or softball and may or may not use a Rec Center, I know many people who do enjoy these activities. Physical activity throughout our lives is important, and a community that offers well-kept facilities serves its citizens well. It is appealing to visitors and residents alike. Improving our infrastructure and adding amenities is part of a healthy vibrant community.
Whether or not I use ANY of the proposed projects, I support a healthy vibrant community for all of us.