Letter To The Editor: Support For Judge Shaffer

Former NM Deputy State Auditor
Judge Greg Shaffer was the legal team lead on a project that profoundly improved governmental accountability in New Mexico.
He drafted Executive Order 2013-06, which requires local governments to have a current audit and sound internal controls before they can receive capital outlay grants from the State. As a result, the number of political subdivisions without timely audits has sharply declined.
To accomplish its purpose and avoid legal challenge or political pushback, the Executive Order had to be both legally and technically sound. It is both, thanks to Judge Shaffer’s willingness, drive, and enthusiasm to dive into complex and sometimes tedious issues of finance, accounting, auditing, and financial control statutes.
On this project and in all things, I found Greg to be intelligent, hardworking, honest, open-minded, dedicated, ethical, deliberate, reflective, and empathetic. All qualities we want in a Judge. Vote to keep Judge Shaffer in the June Democratic primary.