Letter To The Editor: Support For David Reagor

Los Alamos

David Reagor is a Republican running for Los Alamos County Council. He believes the council should research ideas then be pragmatic with their decisions.

The Council has considered Carbon Free Energy, which sounds good initially. The modular reactor portion is a potential reliable solution in the far future. In fact, the cost of storing the electricity, wind and solar cells makes it an expensive alternative.

He recognizes the struggles our businesses suffer from the approach to COVID-19. We can’t wait for the disease to peak or find a vaccination. With a fatality rate as low as 0.03% we must protect the high risk population with self mitigation but keep our businesses and schools open.

County Council meetings start with a public comment segment. Frustrated even desperate residents comment but then the meeting continues with no follow up. Residents deserve feed back from the council on their plan of action to resolve issues. David has voiced his concern about this lack of follow up.

David believes our resources need to go to a high level of medical care. Money needs to go to medicine before other grandiose plans the council has focused on.

David Reagor knows how to support our businesses and spend wisely our taxpayer dollars. Please give him your support.