Letter to the Editor: Support Fire Arms Transfer Act


In the next week, our senate will vote on Rep. Miguel Garcia’s House Bill 77, also known as the Fire Arms Transfer Act. 

The bill would require background checks at gun shows. It has received bipartisan support in the House of Representatives and Gov. Susana Martinez has said she would sign the bill.

In New Mexico today, anyone can sell a gun at a gun show. You are not even required to ask if that person is a felon. 

Whether they have been convicted of domestic violence, are a fugitive from the law or restricted from owning a gun because they are considered dangerously mentally ill.

The opponents to Mr. Garcia’s bill assert that it infringes on the Second Amendment “right to bear arms.”

At some point that argument becomes silly. We already restrict a felon’s right to buy the same gun from Wallmart. This law simply protects gun show sellers from being the unfortunate person who unwittingly sells a firearm to someone who, God forbid, carries out the next Sandy Hook. 

It is hard to imagine that any seller would rather take that risk than require a background check to make sure the person trying to buy the gun is responsible enough to own one.

Please join me, and all rational gun owners by letting Sen. Richard Martinez know that you support this legislation.




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