Letter To The Editor: Support Christine Chandler For Dist. 43 … Backbone, Brains, Listens, Cares For Citizens

Los Alamos

Christine Chandler is our choice to represent District 43 at the New Mexico State Legislature. She will be filling some big shoes, but we know with her background she will do a great job.

Christine has served on the Los Alamos County Council for many years, including as vice-chair of the council. She served, and continues to serve, with courage, integrity and honor. Christine has worked in the legislature for several years as a legislative analyst and understands the job of state representative.

Christine served on the Charter Review Committee when the subject of the Los Alamos County sheriff was discussed, along with many other issues related to the structure of our local government. She was not intimidated when the large meeting room filled up with sheriffs from around the state, dressed in their uniforms including their side arms. Probably few had ever read our charter, knew that we are a “Home Rule” county, or understood the differences between our county and the many rural counties in our state.

The difficult discussions ranged from what the duties of our local sheriff are, compared to those of sheriffs in other counties around the state. Christine was respectful in her comments and would not be intimidated by their presence. She has consistently supported what our charter contemplates – a sheriff’s office with limited duties.

We have known Christine for more than 20 years and during that time she has served the community in many ways. In addition to the above, she has served on the Planning and Zoning Board, the Sixtieth Anniversary Committee, the Board of First Born, and was a founding member of the Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation.

In addition, she was our elected probate judge. She has worked for this community ever since making it her home, and she has the courage, the wisdom, the ethics, and analytical skills to continue serving us and the surrounding communities as our state representative.

To be a good political leader, one needs backbone, brains, listening skills, and a true concern for the wants and needs of the citizens. Christine has all that and so much more. We hope you will join us in voting for Christine Chandler in the primary.


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