Letter to the Editor: Support a Community Treasure

Democratic Party of Los Alamos County

The Democratic Party of Los Alamos County joins Chairman Gibson and other local Republicans in support of the UNM-LA Mil Levy.

When I graduated from high school in upstate New York, I chose to attend the local community college for my first two years. Classmates came back from their far flung institutions with exciting tales of huge lecture halls and the anonymity of being at a large school. More than a few returned prematurely from their college experiences, not yet ready for such dramatic changes.

In contrast, my experience was one of small classes and enthusiastic teachers. My first college professors were focused on teaching rather than publication and research. I did not feel like just one of the new batch of freshman.

Our 17-year-old son started classes at UNM-LA this month. He returns home each day talking about inspiring and engaged instructors who care about the subjects they teach and their students. In our rapidly changing world, it’s comforting to know that some things endure. I picture him in 30 years looking back with fondness on these first college years. It makes me thankful that he has the same opportunity that I had.

While his stories sound so familiar, other aspects of college have changed dramatically over the years. Tuition has skyrocketed since my time in college, but what was true then is also true now. Attending a local community-supported college is still clearly the affordable option. It’s funny how this seems so much more important to me now that my own children are entering and nearing the college years.

In a town where education is highly valued, the presence of a local community-based college improves the quality of life for everyone. From Children’s College to discounted tuition for Senior Citizens, UNM-LA serves learners of all ages.

Please support this community treasure and Los Alamos by voting in favor and returning your ballot today.


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