Letter to the Editor: Suggestion For Use Of Old Smith’s Building

Los Alamos
Our Smiths’ recent and sudden movement across the street has left Los Alamos with a large vacant property.
Since the old Smith’s building provides ample interior space, it’s clear that it offers many options as to what could go inside. This space could be used as a car dealer, a fishing tackle store, a Blockbuster’s, and an almost infinite number of other things!
One option, however, strikes me as the one which would contribute the most to Los Alamos. I can’t tell you how many times I think ‘Man, I wish Los Alamos had an aquarium.’ 
When Ed’s closed about 10 years ago, I immediately envisioned the location as an aquarium.
Now, however, a much larger space is available. This means that Los Alamos could be the location of the highest altitude whale in the world. Given that whales need an incredibly large amount of space, this would certainly be the aquarium’s main attraction. Additionally, the former location of the pharmacy is well-suited to hold a single large jellyfish.