Letter To The Editor: Stover For District 43

Los Alamos
I have lived in Los Alamos since 1998, I had never met Sharon Stover until June 2016.
I reached out to her because I was having an issue involving my property. She responded immediately, I thought that as the county clerk she might be able to assist me. I was happy that she responded and was willing to listen to my concerns and really did care. She pointed me in the right direction, she referred me to the county officials that she felt would resolve my situation.
My issues were resolved and I am so thankful for her assistance. I know that Sharon has served Los Alamos county in different capacities. She really cares about people and has strong roots in northern New Mexico. I have gained nothing but respect for her professionalism, I strongly believe that she would be an outstanding State Representative for District 43. She certainly has my vote.