Letter to the Editor: Stop Judgmental Glances

Daniel’s Cafe

As a longtime employee of Daniel’s Cafe, I wish to inform all customers that it is indeed the employees’ fault that our most popular trademark, ice cream, is tragically absent. Thus, the scathing looks, comments, and disappointed sighs are completely warranted, since, as aforementioned, it is our decision that Häagen-Dazs ice cream should be replaced with disappointment–but we offer it for free!

In all seriousness, I understand Los Alamos residents often dislike change, and it is understandably frustrating when a long (ten to fifteen minute) drive is made for little avail. Speaking for my fellow employees, we are as bummed about it as you are. However, we offer a variety of tasty sandwiches and salads to keep you occupied until our gelato is introduced on February 1st. Yes, again, gelato is coming on February 1st.

So is it at all possible to refrain from snide comments and judgmental glances until then? That’d be swell.