Letter To The Editor: Stephanie Garcia Richard Swings And Misses On Education Vote

Los Alamos

Before the recent special session, our state representative, Stephanie Garcia Richard, pledged that she would not balance the budget on the backs of our schools, and she urged legislators to do everything they could to protect education funding. Then she turned around and voted to take $25 million from school district savings accounts. Los Alamos Public Schools alone would have lost over $265,000. 

How can this vote possibly be in the best interest of Los Alamos schools? She had a chance to keep her word and protect school savings, and she whiffed! 

We need to elect leaders that can keep their eye on the ball and be able to take advantage of opportunities when they are presented. This was an easy opportunity to save $25 million for our schools from the budget chopping block. If she couldn’t recognize this opportunity, what else is she missing in Santa Fe? 

You don’t have to take my word for it. Here is the legislative analysis of the bill she voted to support, including the amount each school district would have lost if this bill had passed: https://nmlegis.gov/Sessions/16%20Special/LESCAnalysis/SB0010.PDF

Sharon Stover is the right choice for state representative. She will not miss these opportunities to fight for our district.