Letter to the Editor: Some Theatrical License Taken In Manhattan Series Really Unnerved Me

Los Alamos

While watching this new series, which I enjoyed, I found some theatrical license that really unnerved me.

First the windows in ALL buildings were NEVER left un-blacked out at night and they NEVER would have had a fireworks display. As my Father was one of the military police in Los Alamos in 1943, I was privy to all the gory details of this community at that time!

I did like the series and I thought the casting was good but it still seems as though they made a soap opera out of it and there are enough of them on regular TV without mucking up our history with another one! Since I was born and raised here it is difficult to just let the little things slip by without being critical. My family just had too much vested in this community to keep silent about it!

I will be watching the future episodes though!