Letter To The Editor: Soggy Swimsuits

Los Alamos
Tossing my bathing suit into the swimsuit dryer the other day at the Aquatic Center I noticed a sign above the machine requesting the highschool freshmen who are swimming there daily for the next few weeks not to use the dryer. They are supposed to bring a baggy instead and stuff their soggy suits in it and lug it around all day. The sign explained that the machine has a tendency to overheat and is rather expensive to repair.
A week or two ago there was another sign outside the pool listing schedule changes necessary to accomodate a visiting foreign swim team. These changes did not inconvenience most citizens of the county I’m sure, but they were hard on my family. My daughter really needed to use the therapy pool as part of her physical therapy but the only time we could be there it was closed because of these schedule changes — we pay $750 a year for a membership to this facility. When I asked if perhaps the therapy pool could remain open for the extra half hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays I was told this was impossible because of budget concerns. The day I asked there were eight certified lifeguards present. I was told they were needed to change the lane lines.
If we, as a county, are so destitute that we cannot properly maintain and staff our pool how can we even begin to contemplate enlarging it, building other aquatic playgrounds, or pipes up to the ski hill? 
This is an election year. When one of our local candidates comes knocking at your door this spring don’t run and hide ask them how they intend to fund all this. We have choices to make for county council and the roundhouse. Let’s make wise choices.