Letter to the Editor: Sierra Club Endorses Incumbent Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard

Pajarito Group of the Sierra Club

The Sierra Club has endorsed incumbent Rep. Stephanie Garcia Richard for re-election in District 43. Stephanie is a strong supporter of New Mexico’s clean air, land and water and will continue to support renewable-energy development to create jobs and boost our state’s economy. Stephanie is a hard worker, with a clear understanding of the issues before the legislature. She is always available to discuss issues and concerns with her constituents.

Stephanie scored a solid 79 percent in voting to protect our air, land, water and wildlife, according to the Conservation Voters New Mexico environmental scorecard.

Gov. Martinez has done everything in her power to reduce environmental protections in the state, refusing to enforce the rule that is supposed to protect our groundwater from industrial dairy waste, weakening the rule that stops oil and gas drilling from contaminating drinking water, allowing a copper company to write the rule that is supposed to protect our groundwater from copper-mining chemicals, and revoking energy-efficient building codes. She claimed these moves would create jobs, but all New Mexico has received in return for endangered health and safety is a with the worst jobs-creation record in the West — second-worst in the country.

Under its current leadership, the House of Representatives has blocked most attempts at enriching industry at the expense of the air we breathe and the water we drink. But with House leadership allied with Gov. Martinez, the laws that protect our air, water, climate and wildlife would be endangered. Stephanie’s race is key to maintaining House leadership that will stand up to these attacks on New Mexico’s precious natural resources.

The Sierra Club urges you to vote for Stephanie Garcia Richard to continue to support New Mexico families’ health and safety.